Prestige Grinding is a family run business specialising in polished concrete and grinding, servicing residential, commercial and industrial sectors Australia wide. We have seen a huge influx in the popularity of polished concrete flooring, attributed to its range of benefits and the stunning finish that it creates. We have almost 20 years’ industry experience and a refined skill-set, using the best-in-class grinding and polishing equipment to achieve the showcase polished floor you’re after.   


Key Benefits of Polished Concrete Flooring

  • Highly versatile – unlike forms of flooring such as hardwood and tiles, polished concrete floors look good in any environment.
  • Aesthetically stunning - with countless colours and finishes.
  • Cost savings – concrete slabs are used for the finished floor, removing the need to pay and replace traditional floor coverings.  
  • Long life cycle – concrete is tough stuff and less vulnerable to damage.
  • Eco-friendly - installation and maintenance are good for mother nature as no hazardous chemicals are used. Heat accumulation can also reduce your energy consumption.
  • Low maintenance – easy to clean and won’t harbour dust, dirt or allergens. The coatings resist staining from water, oil and chemical spills. 
  • High light reflectivity – projects a bright ambient environment. 
  • Economical – cost per square meter is cost effective relative to other flooring options and if you have an existing slab, costs are minimised.  
  • Mark and stain free – protected against stains and marks, and won’t leave tyre marks or any scratches. 

Additionally, we offer water blasting services to clean any stubborn flooring surface. This removes mould and dirt that may have built up over many years. Our water blasting is followed by an application of outdoor coatings which will keep your outdoor paths and driveways clean for years to come. 

We also build bespoke concrete benchtops that provide a unique and contemporary item for your residential home! The benchtops are coated in a water based food grade coating, suitable for all areas throughout your home.

There is a vast array of polished concrete methods and finishes at your fingertips, depending on your current slab specifications and budget. We can provide all the finer details and pricing you need! Get in touch.

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Which Polished Concrete Solution Meets Your Needs?

You want a premium and durable showcase surface to impress. 

You would love a long lasting and low maintenance polished concrete floor but want to keep costs down. 

You have an outdoor concrete surface such as a garage or pathway that you want to fix or enhance. 

You want an extremely hard, durable concrete surface that is built to handle heavy traffic and liquid spills. e.g. Industrial Workshop. 

Your concrete surface is ugly and uneven, you want to give it new life. 

Prestige did our lounge and kitchen. Great service, friendly staff, very fast and efficient ! Would highly recommend prestige grinding to anyone !

Posted by Alexander Kay on Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Big thanks to the team at Prestige for the work they did at our place in Coburg! Beautiful vinyl chip finish was perfect for our sun/mud room. Looks great and really easy to clean! Cheers guys!

Posted by Steve Grace on Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Did a great job on my old garage floor. I now entertain in the garage it looks that good. Since the work was carried out...

Posted by Peter O'Carroll on Sunday, 16 July 2017