Grind and Seal

Concrete Grind and Seal is a highly versatile and cost-effective flooring option when considering transforming your old concrete floors into a sleek modern aesthetic. Regardless of your current floor condition, Prestige Grinding can evaluate and repair using our grinding and polishing machinery. 

Grind and Seal is suitable for a variety of areas including indoor, outdoor, garages, workshops, cafés and bars, office spaces and shopping centres. 

The procedure involves grinding the concrete to the level of stone you desire: 

  • Salt & Pepper (No stone)
  • Random (40-70%)
  •  Full Stone (80-100% coverage stone) 

The next step is to add a clear coating of sealer at your preferred gloss level: 

  • Matt
  • Satin
  • High-Gloss finish 

There are a range of sealer options including clear polyurethane, UV resistant and water-based coatings. It is this sealer that gives the floor that special shine . Like any topical coating, over time this will start to wear and eventually need to be sanded back and re-applied. Sealers will generally last for 5-10 years dependant on its use over time. 

If you are overwhelmed with your options or have a job in mind, get in touch



Prestige Hiperfloor

The Prestige Hiperfloor is our premium solution that is more suitable for indoor areas. The finished glossy surface is produced from polishing the natural concrete surface and not from the resin-based coatings. While costlier upfront, you will save over the life of the surface because of the hardening and densifying procedures that make it an extremely low maintenance and durable solution. 

This method involves grinding to the level of stone you desire:

Salt & Pepper (No stone), Random (40-70%) or Full Stone (80-100% coverage stone).  We then grout to fill any imperfections or pile holes, coupled with densifying & hardening procedures. Finally, we polish until we reach the preferred level of shine & finish, ranging from low shine (50 - 200 grit) and medium to high (400 - 800 grit)

Advantages of a Prestige Hiperfloor:

  • Stunning aesthetic
  • Hardwearing and scratch resistant
  • Reflective finish
  • Easy to clean • Long lasting  
  • Environmentally friendly, as it is a naturally sustainable flooring process.

Price can vary so get in touch with Prestige team for more information.