Levels of Concrete Polish

Dependant on the diamond grit we use to polish the concrete floor, we can achieve a different range of aggregate exposures and different levels of shine. Generally we start with diamonds embedded in a metal matrix and as we progress, switch to a finer diamond that is bonded with plastics to achieve a higher degree of shine.

Nil Exposure

Popular concrete finish, providing a natural lift to an existing space. Generally, it must be newly poured concrete that meets very stringent specifications to achieve your desired results.


Minimum Exposure

Commonly labelled the ‘salt and pepper’ look, it is where we grind up to 3mm off the concrete surface. The end product has areas of stone vs no stone and is popular in industrial spaces.  


Full Stone

A very popular option when you want to showcase a space in your home or shopfront. We take up to 6mm off the surface, usually with 2-3 rounds of grinding. A labour-intensive process to get to this exposure makes it less cost effective, but well worth the investment. 

Concrete Gloss Levels 

Once you have decided what method of polished concrete you want and the level of stone exposure, the next thing on the list are gloss levels. Your choice is matt, satin or a high gloss finish and it comes down to your personal preference. 

Untitled design (1).png

Matt Gloss

Rustic natural look that is easy maintenance

semi gloss.jpg

Satin Gloss

Happy medium of shine 

Untitled design.png

High Gloss

When you want your concrete floor to be the centrepiece of your home or office